A Wedding Story: Kelsy + Jason

  • How did he ask?

    Jason asked me to marry him in the sweetest possible way. I had a full day of activities (from breakfast with my parents to shopping for a new dress with one of my favorite friends) which all led to the proposal on top of the tallest building in downtown Raleigh. Jason learned how to play the guitar so he could sing "gone, gone, gone" by Phillip Phillips. I didn't even know he knew how to play! It was a huge surprise! He topped it all off with a party with all of our favorite people.

  • What was your vision for your wedding?

    I really wanted to be able to celebrate with all of our friends and family. So many people in our lives had seen us grow up together (we started dating when we were 14) and I just wanted to celebrate the start of our marriage with all of them! I also wanted the wedding to be pretty easy going and fun!

  • Did you have a planner?


  • How many people?


  • What were your colors?

    Neutrals, Jade, gold

  • How did you decide on your venue?

    This one was easy! I was an intern for Courtney and Dana when they built The Bradford. Jason and I would come out on the weekend and help paint, install trim, landscape, etc. It was already a special place to me because we were a part of the venue coming to life. That made our decision easy, it was an easy choice to decide to get married at The Bradford.

  • Best part of your day? Other than getting married, obviously :)

    The best part of the day was celebrating with all of our friends and family. We had waited so long to get married (7.5 years) that it was just a time to celebrate! I also loved seeing all of the design elements come together.

  • If you could pick one vendor that was your all start who was it and why?

    C&D Events. They were amazing!!

  • Advice to other brides getting married...

    Take some time on your wedding day to be alone. I remember walking downstairs and seeing all of the tables set up and just taking a moment to realize that this was my wedding day and I just had an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people in my life that I was going to be able to celebrate with.

  • Where was your venue/name of venue?

    The Bradford

  • Wedding Date

    June 06, 2015

  • Who was your photographer?

Jessica Crawford Photography