A Wedding Story: Whitney + Michael

  • How did he ask?

    Michael asked me out on a date on a Monday night. When he arrived he had a bag full of scrabble letters. The letters made up where we were going to next. The date ended up going to places throughout the Triangle that held memories for us and at each location there was a letter that I was to put together to spell something at the end. We went to dinner, ice cream, and a few other stops before he dropped me off at the Duke basketball stadium and handed me a notebook and said "open the book and follow the directions." Then he left to meet me at the end. I opened the notebook and there was a clue and map. (I'd like to note here that this map was very hard to read so I give myself major credits for actually finding my way without getting lost). The map lead me through campus and to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Around the time he dropped me off, I thought this may be it - he's going to propose! But I was sure that this was just another stop on the way to another destination. But when I arrived at the Gardens and found him, he lead me to a spot where music was playing and he got down on one knee!!

  • What was your vision for your wedding?

    Our vision was for a classic wedding that was easy for our families while planning and for all of our families and guests on the day of!

  • What was the most important aspect of your wedding to you?

    It's so cheesy but the most important thing for us was to truly be with our guests and each other. We wanted there to be good music, fun, photography, a beautiful venue, etc.. but we wanted everyone to come and have a great time.

  • Did you have a planner?


  • How many people?


  • What were your colors?

    Navy and white with light touches of blush

  • How did you decide on your venue?

    We choose The Sutherland in Wake Forest, NC. We had visited many, many venues but once we were onsite at The Sutherland Michael and I both knew that this was the place. It's quite funny actually. We got a tour of the place and then paused to use the restroom. Michael came out and said "This is the place." It was meant to be! It was also a great location because we had the majority of our guests coming from Southern Virginia.

  • What were your ideas vs what was reality?

    Honestly, I was very blessed that my ideas were already quite aligned with my budget since I was already in the wedding industry. However, flowers still took me by surprise. At that point, I hadn't dealt with floral budgets a lot so I was shocked when I got our first invoice back from a florist and all of my pinterest-worthy flowers were much higher than we had budgeted.

  • Best part of your day? Other than getting married, obviously :)

    Too many wonderful memories on this day to pick just one but here are a few that make the top of the list: seeing my husband (eek!!) for the first time coming down the aisle, right after the ceremony and the small celebration we had with our bridal party, having a few quite moments to ourselves while taking photos during cocktail hour, dancing the night away with friends, and always being right next to each other from the moment the ceremony began!

  • What were the most cringe worthy things looking back on it now?

    We had an outside wedding so we were very worried about the possibility of rain but there wasn't a cloud in the sky and everything really went off without a hitch (at least that I'm aware of!)

  • If you could pick one vendor that was your all star who was it and why?

    I can't pick just one because I had a few who really knocked it out of the park and made me feel so loved. Embellished Blooms - Michelle was the breath of fresh air that I needed. She was not only a talented florist but she's a wonderful person. During my consultation, I felt like I was getting a very much needed therapy session. Tara Parker Photography - Tara and Dave are by far some of my favorite people! They can make me laugh like no one else and I felt they truly captured our wedding day. Jason with Stylus SE - Jason knows how to MC a wedding and keep the crowd dancing. He sent us off with the sweetest message from all of our vendors and I will forever be grateful for his talent and ability to make our wedding special and unique to us. Twenty-One Films - Their team is amazing! There are so many good things to say about them but I will just say this. If you are thinking about getting a videographer, stop what you are doing right now and book them! We watch our wedding video every year on our anniversary and it transports us back to the day. It's the best investment we've ever made in our marriage because it brings all those feelings back and helps us to have a small little vow renewal every year.

  • Advice to other brides getting married...

    Book any of the vendors I mentioned above! I tell all of my brides two pieces of advice. 1) Plan a "last date before you're married" - We planned it for the Tuesday evening before our wedding. We set a goal that we were going to have all wedding to-dos, crafts, etc.. done by this time. We made this date sacred and it was one of the best decisions we made. We still look back on our last non-married date with love and appreciation. 2) Your wedding is exactly that, YOURS. You don't have to follow a trend or follow any specific traditions. Make your wedding unique to you as a couple and don't ever feel that you have to do something a certain way if it's not true to you.

  • Where was your venue/name of venue?

    The Sutherland

  • Wedding Date

    September 20, 2014

  • Who was your photographer?

    Tara Parker Photography