A Wedding Story: Leah + Adam

  • How did he ask?

    Adam asked me to marry him just a few days shy of the one year anniversary of the day we met! He asked me to go for a walk with him on an unseasonably warm January day up to our neighborhood country club clubhouse. In the outside fire pit area he had bouquets of flowers set up, a fire going and champagne chilling, waiting to be popped. Immediately he got down on one knee and said some sweet things that I don't remember (being proposed to is quite the out of body experience) and of course I said yes!!

  • What was your vision for your wedding?

    I wanted our wedding to first and foremost be a ton of fun for our guests, but I also wanted it to be beautiful as well. I envisioned a garden vibe with lush greenery and wild, organic flowers in colors of blush, peach, ivory and dark burgundy accented with tones of slate blue and grey.

  • What was the biggest trend the year you got married?

    Greenery! Which I also had a ton of at our wedding.

  • What was the most important aspect of your wedding to you?

    For both Adam and I we really wanted our guests to have an amazing time. This drove a lot of the decisions that we made for all of our vendors. We chose a gorgeous venue that could house the whole wedding (ceremony, cocktail hour and reception) and was in a convenient location. Having amazing food was very important, and picking Rocky Top was one of our first (and easiest) choices. We also had a great DJ and lawn games for guests to enjoy during the reception.

  • Did you have a planner?


  • How many people?


  • What were your colors?

    Greenery (most of which was emerald green), blush, ivory, peach, slate blue, gold and accents of grey and dark burgundy.

  • How did you decide on your venue?

    We actually only looked at two venues since I had been familiar with a lot of them already. There were two things that were top priority for our venue: it had to be in Downtown Raleigh (so that guests could stay downtown and either walk or take a short cab ride to the venue) and it had to have three separate spaces for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception (I didn't want any flips!). Plus I had to be happy with the rain back-up plan. Even though the carriage house had not been built when we booked Merrimon-Wynne, we knew that with the addition of that space that the venue would be perfect for our wedding day. And it was!!

  • What were your ideas vs what was reality?

    We were lucky enough to be able to implement every idea that we had for the wedding. Being in the business I was familiar with how much things cost and we planned accordingly. There were a few extra flower arrangements/installations that we cut from the budget, though.

  • Best part of your day? Other than getting married, obviously :)

    Our first look!! I know a lot of brides want to go the traditional route of seeing their fiance for the first time during the ceremony, but I'm so glad that we did a first look. It was a private, intimate moment with just the two of us (and a team of photographers and videographers! haha) and allowed us more time for pictures.

  • What were the most cringe worthy things looking back on it now?

    Nothing that I can think of... I'm also a newlywed, so I still think my wedding day was perfect :)

  • If you could pick one vendor that was your all star who was it and why?

    Oh this is so hard, we had the best vendors ever!! I honestly can't pick, they all did such an amazing job.

  • Advice to other brides getting married...

    Hire a wedding planner and a videographer. A wedding planner will save your sanity and make it so that the only thing you have to do on your wedding day is drink champagne, get glammed up and marry the love of your life. And a videographer captures it all in a way that photography can't. Videographers aren't cheap, but it was some of the best money we invested on our wedding and we watch our wedding video ALL the time (often crying our eyes out!).

  • Where was your venue/name of venue?


  • Wedding Date

    June 09, 2017

  • Who was your photographer?

    AJ Dunlap