A Wedding Story: Catherine + Josh

  • How did he ask?

    He proposed to me on my birthday at Busch Gardens in Virginia. My family was there, and my sister captured the whole proposal in pictures! I have no idea what he said when he asked, but it was sweet, and so playful. Not to mention when he was done, the adrenaline rush didn't end there! Yes I am like a 10 year old when it comes to amusement parks.

  • What was your vision for your wedding?

    Beautiful fall mountain wedding. Simple, and rustic.

  • What was the biggest trend the year you got married?

    2015... biggest trend...? Chalkboards? I feel like I had chalkboard signs everywhere! The greeting sign, the "sign our guest book" sign, the bar menu, the decorations. Chalkboard everything! I also feel like that was a big year for a rustic wedding, yeah barns were pretty big that year.

  • What was the most important aspect of your wedding to you?

    The venue was a huge important aspect to me as well as the photos!

  • Did you have a planner?


  • How many people?


  • What were your colors?

    Navy, Green, Grey and fall colors

  • How did you decide on your venue?

    I wanted in the mountains, Asheville, and a rustic feel with the mountains in the background. Not to mention I have a TON of friends who work for breweries (myself at the time included) and wanted somewhere that would let me bring in my own alcohol at no extra cost! So finding the Fields At Blackberry Cove was everything! They had rolling fields, surrounded by the mountains, and a barn! Bingo! They also did let me bring in any alcohol I wanted, which was a huge money saver!

  • What were your ideas vs what was reality?

    Ideas vs reality... That I didn't need a wedding planner! I did end up not getting one and doing it all myself, but man oh man it would have been such a lifesaver, as well as headache relief, if I had just hired someone. Also, I had this idea that I didn't need flowers, and that we could just forgo them. Joke was on me, at the last minute (about a month out) my mom ordered the flowers. I am very glad she did because that would have been horrible without them!

  • Best part of your day? Other than getting married, obviously :)

    The best part the day was 100% getting to marry my husband! Aside from that, I really enjoyed getting to take a step back and looking at everything I had planned come to life. Because I did NOT have a planner, and no one lived in Asheville, I planned everything "alone." I had input on certain things from my husband, and my parents, but the rest was all me. I put together the vendors, the vision, the timeline, the look, heck I even set up the bar the day of my wedding. So for me it was getting to stand back and see how much everyone had enjoyed the work put into it.

  • What were the most cringe worthy things looking back on it now?

    Probably how rustic I was trying to make it! It was in a barn for crying out loud, I didn't need to try as hard as I did. Also, one of my flowers, I hated it! I didn't choose it and still to this day have no idea what it is called, but it was white and the middle of it looked like it had a cheezeball in it! It stained my dress, and it was just weird. There were a few of them in my bouquet, but looking back I wish there had not been any in it. Also! Not having a seating chart, or escort card. That was really confusing and my guest had no idea where to sit or what to do.

  • If you could pick one vendor that was your all star who was it and why?

    Doug at the Fields At Blackberry Cove! He was the most helpful in every aspect of the wedding. From referrals, to helpful opinions, he was just so willing to lend a hand. Not to mention once he realized I did not have a planner he was the one who brought me drinks, food, and make sure I was happy on the day. He was absolutely amazing!

  • Advice to other brides getting married...

    Do yourself a favor and get a planner. Even if just for the ease on your wedding day. There are so many people who have so many questions and without someone there to block them from you, you have to handle it. Not to mention I would have paid anyone to stop the "are you nervous?" questions that never ended until after the ceremony at 4:30! At the end of the day the only thing your guest will remember is if the food was good (they wont remember what they ate unless it was unreal or bad!), and if the reception was non stop fun. So make sure you have a fantastic DJ, and Photographer because they will keep the party going and capture it all!

  • Where was your venue/name of venue?

    The Fields At Blackberry Cove, Asheville NC

  • Wedding Date

    October 24, 2015

  • Who was your photographer?

    Forge Mountain Photography