Real Wedding: Torrey + Jack at The Stockroom at 230

Where to even begin with this one?!? Torrey's mom, Colleen called me randomly one day in a slight panic. She really needed some help. They were pretty far along in the planning process- but she was feeling super overwhelmed and really needed some relief. We made an appointment for a few days later. I met Torrey and Colleen over coffee and fell in love with this wedding! It was different, funky, and just plain fun!

They had the majority of their vendors picked out but needed help putting the design pieces together, finding a photographer, and deciding on catering. They opted for a partial plan which really was "plan what is left." Every time we met, it was Team Bussey (Mom, Dad, Torrey, and Jack). They were all in this together and it was so neat seeing them all give their two cents, and debate ideas. It is really how I imagine my little family being. It was sweet and always entertaining! They were also super easy to talk to, banter with, and they all poked fun at each other - nothing was too very serious.

They wanted guest to feel welcome, comfortable, and for it to feel intimate -which is why they opted for family style service. It is truly my favorite way to serve food- nothing feels more like home than people passing dishes as they load up their plates. Catering works did an awesome job! Guests went to The Big Easy for cocktail hour, then were greeted at the elevator with a nibble before heading to their seats. They were served a plated salad, and then dinner was served. Towards the end of the night, the guests were given a late night snack of Bratwurst and of course yummy cake! The food was great, a full liquor bar kept the party going, and Eric with All Around Raleigh DJ kept the dance floor hopping!

Off the bat- Torrey knew what she wanted -a garden, bohemian style wedding - at The Stockroom. She knew she wanted rich burgundy with fuscia and light pink and LOTS of greenery. She had the great idea for a floral wall next to the bar- and it was the hot spot! She wanted to take it a little farther and as we were throwing ideas out there I remembered the one time we installed greenery on market lights under a tent. Why don't we do it in The Stockroom? As soon as I said it- I knew she loved it. And it was PERFECT! It changed the entire space. Granted- it took us about 7 hours to install - but it was worth every second. We also added rugs at the altar, that then moved in front of the sweetheart and cake table. But can we talk about this altar real quick? The bride's brother made it - and it was ah-mazing! It truly made the ceremony. Natalie added a floral piece to the side and y'all- it was just breathtaking. We decided to move it behind the cake afterwards and I don't think there is a better picture of a cake in the entire world. I loved all the details, the chalkboard was a replication of their invitation and Austin truly did a work of art. It was stunning- there were gasps every time someone saw it - it was that good! I could go on and on about this wedding - but let's let the pictures tell you a little more!

Torrey, Jack, Collen, and Torrin - Thank You! I enjoyed every second of working with you all. I love your family and truly feel so honored that you trusted me to be a part of this day! Torrey - you will always be one of my favorite brides and every time I send a "sketch" to a client- I will automatically think of my crayon doodles!

Chat soon!


Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Brian Mullins Photography

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Stockroom at 230

Cocktail Hour Venue: The Big Easy

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Florals: Springwell Florist

Escort Display + Greenery Market Lights: C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals

Vases: Greenhouse Picker Sisters

Caterer: Catering Works

Music: Eric with All Around Raleigh DJ

Lighting: Themeworks

Dessert: Sugar Euphoria

Hair: The Hair & Face Lounge

Makeup: Rio Jones

Officiant: David James