Real Wedding: Torrey + Jack at The Stockroom at 230

Where to even begin with this one?!? Torrey's mom, Colleen called me randomly one day in a slight panic. She really needed some help. They were pretty far along in the planning process- but she was feeling super overwhelmed and really needed some relief. We made an appointment for a few days later. I met Torrey and Colleen over coffee and fell in love with this wedding! It was different, funky, and just plain fun!

They had the majority of their vendors picked out but needed help putting the design pieces together, finding a photographer, and deciding on catering. They opted for a partial plan which really was "plan what is left." Every time we met, it was Team Bussey (Mom, Dad, Torrey, and Jack). They were all in this together and it was so neat seeing them all give their two cents, and debate ideas. It is really how I imagine my little family being. It was sweet and always entertaining! They were also super easy to talk to, banter with, and they all poked fun at each other - nothing was too very serious.

They wanted guest to feel welcome, comfortable, and for it to feel intimate -which is why they opted for family style service. It is truly my favorite way to serve food- nothing feels more like home than people passing dishes as they load up their plates. Catering works did an awesome job! Guests went to The Big Easy for cocktail hour, then were greeted at the elevator with a nibble before heading to their seats. They were served a plated salad, and then dinner was served. Towards the end of the night, the guests were given a late night snack of Bratwurst and of course yummy cake! The food was great, a full liquor bar kept the party going, and Eric with All Around Raleigh DJ kept the dance floor hopping!

Off the bat- Torrey knew what she wanted -a garden, bohemian style wedding - at The Stockroom. She knew she wanted rich burgundy with fuscia and light pink and LOTS of greenery. She had the great idea for a floral wall next to the bar- and it was the hot spot! She wanted to take it a little farther and as we were throwing ideas out there I remembered the one time we installed greenery on market lights under a tent. Why don't we do it in The Stockroom? As soon as I said it- I knew she loved it. And it was PERFECT! It changed the entire space. Granted- it took us about 7 hours to install - but it was worth every second. We also added rugs at the altar, that then moved in front of the sweetheart and cake table. But can we talk about this altar real quick? The bride's brother made it - and it was ah-mazing! It truly made the ceremony. Natalie added a floral piece to the side and y'all- it was just breathtaking. We decided to move it behind the cake afterwards and I don't think there is a better picture of a cake in the entire world. I loved all the details, the chalkboard was a replication of their invitation and Austin truly did a work of art. It was stunning- there were gasps every time someone saw it - it was that good! I could go on and on about this wedding - but let's let the pictures tell you a little more!

Torrey, Jack, Collen, and Torrin - Thank You! I enjoyed every second of working with you all. I love your family and truly feel so honored that you trusted me to be a part of this day! Torrey - you will always be one of my favorite brides and every time I send a "sketch" to a client- I will automatically think of my crayon doodles!

Chat soon!


Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Brian Mullins Photography

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Stockroom at 230

Cocktail Hour Venue: The Big Easy

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Florals: Springwell Florist

Escort Display + Greenery Market Lights: C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals

Vases: Greenhouse Picker Sisters

Caterer: Catering Works

Music: Eric with All Around Raleigh DJ

Lighting: Themeworks

Dessert: Sugar Euphoria

Hair: The Hair & Face Lounge

Makeup: Rio Jones

Officiant: David James

Real Wedding: Annie + Billy at The Rickhouse

I LOVED planning Annie and Billy's wedding! I had so many great memories from the process; from Norbeth's (Annie's Mom) planning binder appearances to Billy's dad trying a buffalo wing for the first time (he's from Maryland - where apparently buffalo wings aren't a thing!) I was involved in the rehearsal dinner planning as well as the wedding - so by the end of the weekend, I truly felt like part of the family! It was a nice family to be a part of! You could tell how important the guest experience was to everyone - Annie's Parents insisted on being the last people through the buffet line because they wanted to insure that all the guests had everything they needed! Annie and Billy were equally as thoughtful - so kind and compassionate! You could tell how much love and support they had for each other through all the speeches and comments made by guests! Billy and Annie never left eachother's side throughout the night - through dances, hugs, and speeches! There were so many great details: Flowers by the Bride's Grandfather's company, a great band, and a bagpiper as people walked into the ceremony! It is definitely an event I won't soon forget - please enjoy some of the images from a very memorable evening.



Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Riley Maclean Photography

Venue: The Rickhouse

Planner: Courtney with C&D Events

Florals: Teds Flower Basket

Rentals: American Party Rentals

Lighting: Vivid Lighting

Chalk Art: MW Calligraphy

Caterer: Donovan's Dish

Music: Fantasy with East Coast Entertainment

Dessert: Details Cake Design

Hair: Wendy Strickland

Makeup: R.A.E Makeup Artistry

Officiant: Immaculate Conception

Real Wedding: Lauren + Ray at St. Francis and Stockroom at 230

I am so happy to finally be blogging this event! I "met" Lauren and Ray via a phone chat and got along great. They booked event management + design and boy am I glad they did! I LOVED her vision. It was very modern garden with bright greens, cream, and blushes. She added a pop of turquoise/green that really elevated the design.

Lauren and Ray did not live in NC, so we did a lot of remote planning with some jam packed weekends when they came into town. Some of the best parts of being a planner is getting to know my couples. I love seeing how they interact and how much they love each other. This was the case with them! Ray was just totally smitten with his bride and it always made me smile how much he went out of his way to care for her, serve her, and give her the wedding she has always dreamed of. That is not to say Ray didn't play an active role in planning- he chimed in and had really great ideas! It was seriously such a wonderful planning process.

The day came and it was a hot one. Luckily we were inside the gorgeous St. Francis and inside at The Stockroom. I loved so much about this design! We really wanted to give guests a grand entrance and The Stockroom can be underwhelming having to go up the elevator. So we planned a gorgeous escort display with an arch in front of the elevator. It was so fun seeing the guests expressions. It really set the tone for the night and what to expect from the event.

Design aside- I loved this group of people. Their family, friends, and guests were the kindest people and I even really bonded with table 12 ( if you were at this table - you know why!). But most of all, I adored their family. I spent the most time with Lauren's Mom, and seriously guys- you can not meet a kinder soul. There is something so sweet and peaceful on a wedding day when the family is calm, gracious, and so loving. It makes the day that much sweeter and that much more wonderful.

There is so much gorgeousness in this wedding! Please check out the photos below from the very talented Brittany at Magnolia Photography!

Lauren and Ray - THANK you so much for letting me a part of your day! It was by far one of the highlights of my year!

Chat soon!


Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Magnolia Photography

Ceremony Venue: St. Francis

Reception Venue: Stockroom at 230

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Florals: Dana with Bushel + Peck Designs

Rentals: CE Rentals

Caterer: Rocky Top

Ceremony Music: St. Francis Musician

Reception Music: All Events DJ

Lighting: Themeworks

Invitations: Bushel + Peck Designs

Dessert: Details Cake Design

Hair/Make-up: Perfection by Patricia

Officiant: Father Steve Kluge

Real Wedding: Devon + Brian at Duke Chapel and Merry Hill Farm

Devon and Brian were married at the pristine Duke Chapel and then brought their (mostly) out of town friends and family to the fun and beautiful Merry Hill Farm to celebrate! While their day had a bit of rain, it didn't stop them from having the best party ever! Dinner was a delicious and laid back style buffet from Sage and Swift. Tables were set with beautiful vintage china from Southern Vintage Table and gorgeous wild flower designs from Fern Rock Farm. Their dance party was the best! The Retreat band out of Atlanta brought ALL the people to the dance floor! I just loved them!

Congrats Devon and Brian!!!!

With love,


Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Jessica Arden Photography

Ceremony Venue: Duke Chapel

Reception Venue: Merry Hill Farm

Planner: Becca with C&D Events

Florals: Fernrock Farm

Rentals: American Party Rentals, Southern Vintage Table, Hayden Tent Rentals

Caterer: Sage and Swift

Music: The Retreat

Dessert: Sage and Swift/Delizous Desserts

Hair/Make-up: Bella Trio

Real Wedding: Lisa + Joe at The Barn at Valhalla Lodge

These two. They are seriously the cutest, kindest, and sweetest couple. I met Joe and Lisa over coffee at one of my favorite spots - Open Eye Café. We clicked immediately chatting about teaching, careers, and just life in general. They wanted a low-key wedding that was focused on the fact they were getting married. They wanted people to feel welcome, and not overly managed. They had settled on a Tuesday for their wedding date and had booked The Barn's lodge as the spot.

Immediately I could tell that these two were going to weather any storm that came their way. They were patient, kind, and so generous to each other. They also felt very strongly about equality. This wasn't just Lisa's day- it was Joe's too! They were equally involved in the planning, and both made decisions when it came to the day. I normally feel like the bride is my go to for questions - but this was not the case. I loved how intentional they were with each part of the wedding. They wanted guests to feel welcomed, and part of their family. One of my favorite pieces was their centerpieces. Lisa is an English teacher and both, she and Joe are avid readers. They made a list of their favorite books and found multiple copies of each. On each table was a stack of books with a note about why it is their favorite and urged guests to take book they would like to read. Guests could also find books on the bar and entrance table. I don't think there was a book left over! It was so neat and so them!

My other favorite part of the day was their vows. They wrote their own and when it came to Lisa- she read excerpts of her journal from when she was falling in love with him. It was the sweetest and it did make me tear up a bit watching these two. Seeing a love so genuine and so real- I can't help it.

Guests enjoyed dinner from Med Deli and a delicious gelato bar from Sugarland. It was a low key night where guests got to catch up with old friends, have drinks by the fireplace. and just relax and celebrate Lisa and Joe.

Joe and Lisa- it was a pleasure working with you both! I am so grateful you chose to me to share in this day with you all.

Enjoy the gorgeous pics from Jenna DiPrima!

Chat soon!



Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Jenna DiPrima Photography

Venue: The Barn at Valhalla

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Florals: Bushel + Peck Designs

Caterer: Med Deli

Music: Sound System from Carrboro Music Loft

Dessert: Gelato Bar from Sugarland

Hair/Make-up: Ceremony Salon

Officiant: Family Friend

Real Wedding: Vivian + James at The Bradford

Vivian & James had the most magical wedding! I loved serving them and their families because they literally couldn't stop smiling! Their love for each other was radiant and it was so evident that it was too hard not to cry during the ceremony!! It was a joy to watch their wedding day unfold.

What was so special about this couple was their ability to laugh and enjoy life. They whole-heartedly welcomed me into their lives. I knew from the very first moment I met Vivian over Skype, that this was going to be a fun planning process. It also helps when your planning meetings include doughnuts and coffee from Sola Coffee ;)

Both James & Vivian are in medical school and I have no doubt that they will do remarkable things with their lives. I'm thankful to have meet you and to be able to stay in touch!




Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Ally and Bobby Photography

Venue: The Bradford

Planner: Whitney with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rental, Greenhouse Picker Sisters and Cottage Luxe

Florals: Mother of the Bride

Caterer: Beau Catering

Ceremony Music: Patrick, Sam, Anna & Katie, Friends of the couple

Reception Music: Trevor Kaiwa, Friend of the couple

Videographer: Carolina Wedding Films

Dessert: Simply Cakes and Key Lime Pies by James' grandmother

Hair/Make-up: LULA Hair & Make-up

Officiant: Josh Rouse - Friend of the couple

Real Wedding: Alison + Bradley at The Stockroom 230

Oh this wedding. First off- this day was such an insane day! Not only did I have this wedding- but a shower in The Glass Box, and it was Ada's recital. It was a day of orchestration that started at 5am and ended at 1am. Needless to say - I was a little tired!

I met Alison and her mom over coffee at Panera about 15 months prior to their wedding. They had Stockroom booked but really needed help with the details and some of the major players. Alison and her mom were a fantastically organized team. I think the one thing that was the most refreshing and the most surprising was that I never saw them argue. They were just so supportive of the other and I knew they were going to miss planning her wedding. On the day - they were just so sweet - it really made me so excited for me and my daughter's relationship in the years to come. But back to planning...

Alison really wanted to focus on the dusty blue of the bridesmaids dresses and add in some touches of ivories and blush to soften it up a little bit. We wanted the stockroom to have a more garden feel than a rustic look so we mixed in lots of greenery and lanterns. Alison and her mom collected lots of lanterns and little items to help make the space more personalized to Alison and Brad. it turned out beautifully! The ceremony was in the stockroom and while guests were at Mahler enjoying cocktails and apps- we flipped the space upstairs.

One of the neat and smart ideas we decided on was using all the centerpieces as pew markers. It was not only cost effective- but GORGEOUS! I loved the set up for the ceremony - it was so pretty!

There were so many fn details from this day! They had a breakfast menu - which Rocky Top knocked it out of the park!! It was so yummy! And Sugar Euphoria put together an amazing dessert buffet that guests could not stop talking about. Alison's mom made her famous shortbread to add to the array of desserts and it was also a huge hit.

Alison could not stop smiling all day. She was seriously one of the happiest brides. Brad was pretty smitten with his gorgeous bride and they did not leave the dance floor. I think the highlight was the "90's power hour" where everyone was dancing, singing, and just having the best time.

I loved this family, I loved this bride, and I am so very grateful they chose C & D to be a part of their day! Thanks Alison and Brad (and Jane!!) - it was wonderful!

And now for pictures from the awesome Annie Watts.

Chat soon!



Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Annie Watts Photography

Venue: The Stockroom 230

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rental

Draping + Market Lights: Themeworks

Florals: Dana with Bushel + Peck Designs

Centerpieces: DIY

Caterer: Rocky Top Hospitality

Music: All Events DJ

Dessert: Sugar Euphoria

Coffee Bar: Gourmet Grinders

Officiant: Lisa Koch

Real Wedding: Amelia + Mark at Windy Hill Farm

This was one of the most beautiful spring weddings I have been a part of. The venue, Windy Hill Farm, is absolutely gorgeous. This is a true working farm with goats roaming around. The open air barn and rolling hills were truly spectacular. After keeping a close eye on the forecast during the week, and contemplating ordering an extra tent because of the chance of thunderstorms, it ended up being a lovely sunny day. The ceremony was across the goat field tucked away on the edge of the woods. The bride, Amelia, had a grand entrance coming across the field on the back of a tractor (it was so fun!). The ceremony was really special and unique. Instead of having typical bridesmaids and groomsmen, the couple asked their closest friends to all come to the front and share something related to 7 themes of marriage that they picked out. Each pair came up with some really sweet things to say and it was such a great idea that they came up with. I love it when people try different things and incorporate the ones they love in unique ways. I'm so thankful to have been a part of their day!

All the best,


Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Paul Gargagliano with Hazel Photo

Venue: Windy Hill Farm, Cedar Grove, NC

Planner: Kelsy with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rental and Grand Rental Station

Florals: Alice White with Bluebird Meadows

Caterer: Acme

Ceremony + Cocktail Hour Music: Piedmont Highballers

Reception Music: DJ Gonzo (Aharon Segal)

Dessert: Details Cake Design

Hair/Make-up: WINK Hair and Make-Up

Officiant: Jay Rock

Real Wedding: Katie + Brandon at The Barn at Valhalla

I virtually met Katie and Brandon about a year before their big day. They had chosen The Barn and wanted a little help with the logistics of the day. One of the things that I love about The Barn is the fact the couple. their families, and their bridal party can all stay on site. They had planned dinner, breakfast, and lunch for everyone staying there each day. It was such a nice gesture and it made the whole weekend feel so personal. They did their own centerpieces completed with potted "Herbs" to pay homage to the groom's last name Herb. Which by the way is really hard to pronounce correctly when you are taught to drop the H sound for the plant- but for their name, you pronounce the H sound.

The biggest thing about these two is that they just knew how to have fun. They were constantly laughing, smiling, and just seem to really enjoy their time together and with their guests.

The wedding took place out in the field under the trees and it was perfect. The trees gave some much needed shade and it really could not of been a more beautiful day. After the ceremony, the guests had cocktail hour by the fireplace. Dinner was under the tent and dancing was in The Barn. It was a night full of dancing and merriment. People kept commenting how this was the most fun wedding and it sure looked liked they had a blast!

Enjoy all these photos from the amazing Sarah Joann Photography!

Chat soon!


Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Sarah Joann Photography

Venue: The Barn at Valhalla

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Rentals: American Party Rentals

Florals: Embellished Blooms

Centerpieces: DIY

Caterer: Backyard Bistro

Ceremony Music: Friends of Groom, David & Rosene Rohrer

Reception Music: DJ B-Man with Cool Receptions

Dessert: Simply Cakes

Hair/Make-up: Salon Povera

Videographer: Bowtie Films

Officiant: Friends of the couple, Todd and Janet Fields

Real Wedding: Kristen + Joseph at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens

Kristen & Joseph are the sweetest couple! I feel like I say that often about all of my couples, but honestly, they are the sweetest!! They have the kindest hearts and from the first time I met them were so genuine about their wedding day and each other. I couldn't wait for them to be married and for me to help them start on their marriage journey. The whole week of their wedding the rain was playing hide-n-seek with us. Thankfully, they were willing to go for it and the day ended up being beautiful with no rain. They were married in the Botanical Gardens and partied all night in the Auditorium surrounded by loving family and friends. I love when a couple personalizes their wedding and by far my favorite moment of their day was their processional. They had chosen the theme music from the West Wing as their processional song. As a fellow West Wing fan (yes, I'm watching the entire series for the second time right now), I about lost it. Perfect choice for the couple. Kristen & Joseph, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and Carrboro adventures!



Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Annie Watts Photography

Venue: North Carolina Botanical Gardens

Planner: Whitney with C&D Events

Rentals: American Party Rentals

Florals: Bouquet - Pine State Flowers, Centerpieces by Bride

Caterer: Durham Catering Company

Music: Music provided by Bride + Groom

Photo Booth: Lil Photo Bus

Dessert: Whole Foods

Hair/Make-up: Ceremony Salon

Lighting: Vivid Lighting

Officiant: Rev. Dr. John Milholland (family friend of the Bride + Groom)

Real Wedding: Neeti + Alex at The Barn at Valhalla

I met Neeti and Alex at Neeti's mother's house one morning and we immediately clicked - must have been the chai! I loved Neeti's down to earth approach to planning and how collaborative she and Alex were from the very beginning. It was a long distance plan as she and Alex lived in California so we conversed mostly through conference calls and emails. Oh and we can't forget the google docs! Neeti's spreadsheets are a force to be reckoned with!

My Husband and I were invited to the rehearsal dinner and it was so much fun getting to know some of their guests, getting henna done, and experiencing their families - the nicest people! The wedding day was a hot one but so much fun - no one seemed to mind! Our bridal party started off the day in the barn with a yoga session and then moved on hair and make up. My team and I set up the ceremony and reception space and got all guests and attendants in place for the Baraat. Alex rode in on a horse like a champ - he was bringing the party!

I loved being involved in the ceremony - Neeti had created a program that explained all of the steps and the tradition behind the ceremonies - it was beautiful!! The rest of the night was so full of Aunts and cousins and so many friends! You could tell how much Neeti and Alex were loved! I also can not forget to mention how GORGEOUS Neeti looked all night! The sari for the ceremony was perfection and her reception outfit is by far the best I have seen!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: L'Amour Foto

Venue: The Barn at Valhalla

Planner: Courtney with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals and Tent by Grand Rental

Florals: Bushel + Peck Designs

Caterer: Raaga

Music: DJ Sohil

Photo Booth: Lil Photo Bus

Dessert: Maple View Ice Cream

Lighting: Vivid Lighting

Real Wedding: Abigail + Benny at Rosehill Plantation

It was so great to be a part of Abigail and Benni's family for a day! They celebrated their marriage at the beautiful Rosehill Plantation in Nashville NC with 200 plus friends and family. I remember thinking how kind and loving all of the guests were throughout the whole evening - they even sat through the ceremony while it misted outside!

One of the most memorable aspects of the day was how close both Abigail and Benni are to their siblings. You could just feel the love and respect they had for each other and how much they were going to miss each other when the couple moved away! It was so sweet and made me want to ask for parenting tips from both families!

Please enjoy some of the images that captured this sweet, loving day!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: J. Christina Photography

Venue: Rose Hill Plantation

Planner: Courtney with C&D Events

Florals: Julie with Bushel + Peck Designs

Music: Friend of the Bride and Groom

Videographer: Simple Lee Video

Photo Booth: SnapIt

Dessert: Publix

Hair/Make-up: Brielle Chapman



Real Wedding: Laura + Mark at The Barn at Valhalla

Mark and Laura were such a fun and enjoyable couple to work with. I loved the laid back and beautiful feel they were going for and the Barn at Valhalla was the perfect venue for them! We were worried about rain leading up to the wedding, but as Mark put it we were "cautiously optimistic." Luckily the rain held off for us pretty much the entire night, it ended up being a gorgeous May day. Boy was it windy though! We had to macgyver a solution to stop the linens from blowing off (safety pins to the rescue). So much of wedding planning is staying calm and improvising. The rest of the night was smooth sailing, without a hitch. The bride and groom even got to enjoy a super fun family tradition during the reception. Overall, it was an amazing day and I am honored to have helped make it a success!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Kyle Aiton

Venue: The Barn at Valhalla

Planner: Kelsy with C&D Events

Rentals: American Party Rentals

Florals: DIY

Caterer: Humble Pig

Music: Allen Smith with SPIN

Dessert: Sugarland

Hair/Make-up: Bride Guide Triad

Officiant: Sazie Tagliere (friend of the Bride and Groom)

Real Wedding: Laura + Will at The Bradford

Where to even start with these two?!? I loved working with Laura and Will. Not only did I love their vision - but I loved them as a couple. They were warm, kind, and so much fun. They knew how to laugh, not take everything so seriously, and how to compromise. They live in Texas, so we spent lots of time on the phone/e-mail/text and had power weekends when they were in town. The process was so enjoyable and I always said "If I had more Laura's.."

Immediately she knew she wanted a Rustic feel to the day. We took Pinterest ideas and put together some inspiration. The vision really came together when we went to CE. We all fell in love with their new blue plates and that sealed the design! The colors she chose were so inspired and I just loved all the details. We went a sage green, blue, and neutral palette. We kept the flowers white, green, and pops of blush throughout. Her bouquet was amazing- one of my favorites by far!

The weekend came and it was looking like rain in the forecast. Luckily that morning we saw that we could have the ceremony outside in a window of no rain. It was gorgeous! The rain cooled it down slightly, and the breeze was blowing to keep everyone cool. The downside of the breeze was that we had to improvise on our tall arrangements as they could not stay up in the wind! I adored their families. Laura is from Colombia so she had a handful of people that traveled for the wedding. They came with special Colombian sweets for the dessert table, and gave each guest a sweet treat for a favor. It was a hit!

Once the music started - they did not stop. It was a party! Guests dances all night! They had glow sticks, an awesome DJ (Yay SPIN!!) and specialty drinks. They brought a Colombian liquor with them that is traditional given as a shot- it was the best watching people take it! We ended the night with an epic confetti send off and the guests (about 60) got on shuttle that took them downtown to Rum Runners and they continued the party until the bar shut down.

Oh what a night! It was so much fun and I am so, so grateful that they chose me to be a part of their day. Laura and Will - I wish you all nothing but the best! Thank you for letting us be your planner - it was honor and such a joy to serve you this past year!

Enjoy the pics from Anna Holcombe!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Anna Holcombe Photography

Venue: The Bradford

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals

Lounges: Greenhouse Picker Sisters

Florals: Julie with Bushel & Peck Designs

Caterer: Rocky Top Catering

Music: Dave with SPIN

Photo Booth: SnapIt

Dessert: Something Sweet

Hair/Make-up: Perfection by Patricia

Officiant: Wendy Tingle

Real Wedding: Shoshana + Noah at The Barn at Valhalla

Sometimes after meeting a couple in person at a consultation I think "I really, really want to work with them!". Noah and Shoshana were definitely one of those couples. Not only were they a fun, sweet couple but we also had some things in common: our NYC history and connections, the fact that Noah is a professor in the department that I received my degree...the list goes on.

When we first started chatting about the details of their wedding I knew that this was going to be a fun one! Shoshana had dreams of bright, colorful wildflowers (which works so perfectly at the Barn) but also with modern touches throughout. I loved the combo and the design turned out stunning - especially the flowers by Bloomin Rose! And while rain threatened us all the way up until Shoshana walked down the aisle, it turned out to be a gorgeous ceremony by the pond. Noah and Shoshana's vows were exactly like the rest of their wedding - sweet, colorful and full of love. I heard many people tell them that they were some of the best vows they've heard, and I agree! One of the things that I loved about their wedding was that, after the ceremony and cocktail hour, they jumped right into dancing. And I don't mean just first dances, but a good 30 minutes of dancing in the barn! It was a unique and fun way to kick off the reception! From there guests enjoyed an amazing family style dinner followed by toasts, cutting the cake and then a whole lot more dancing.

One of my favorite moments of the day was when everyone was on the dance floor doing the Hora - it looked like so much fun and Noah and Shoshana were beaming! They also had the most epic candy bar that guests loved and devoured.

It was truly one of the most memorable weddings I've done. I am so grateful to not only have been able to plan it for them, but also to have met Noah and Shoshana!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Tracy Timmester Photography

Venue: The Barn at Valhalla

Planner: Leah with C&D Events

Rentals: American Party Rentals

Florals: Bloomin Rose Flowers

Caterer: Posh Nosh Catering

Music: Mike Hadjoglou with K2 Productions

Photo Booth: SnapIt

Dessert: Sugarland

Hair/Make-up: Ceremony Salon

Officiant: Friend of the Bride and Groom

Real Wedding: Taylor + Greg at The Bradford

Taylor & Greg’s wedding day turned out to be a beautiful Saturday in April! There were a few scares of rain earlier in the week but we held out to see if we could chance it so they could have their intimate outside wedding on the Terrace at the Bradford. You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers! Thankfully, the weather was absolutely perfect and the newlyweds and their guests danced the night away under the stars.

I’ve been working with Taylor for over a year planning her dream day and I could tell it was going to be one for the books! She & her mom designed Taylor & Greg’s wedding day so beautifully. Their design and DIY looked absolutely gorgeous. They even brought in their own lounge setting, head table silverware, and chairs. Every last details was considered and made to feel so very special. For example, their guest book was a recording station so they could capture sweet memories from their family & friend’s own voices. This couple is so thoughtful and caring in everything they do! They even had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids!

Taylor & Greg, I’m so thankful that I could be a part of your big day and look forward to staying in touch with you as you continue in your marriage journey!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Annie Watts Photography

Venue: The Bradford

Planner: Whitney with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals and Greenhouse Picker Sisters

Florals: Julie with Bushel + Peck Designs

Caterer: Beau Catering

Music: Victor with All Events DJ

Photo Booth: All Events DJ

Videographer: Thomas Blake Films

Dessert: Simply Cakes

Make-up: Makeup by Ashley Mooney

Officiant: Josh Whitfield (Greg's Brother in Law)

Real Wedding: Beth + Beck at The Parlour at Mann's Chapel

What a day this day was! I met Beth through my husband. He worked with Beth's Father for a few years and specifically worked with him while we were amidst construction of The Bradford. I remember him telling me how supportive his co-workers were and helpful they were during a very exhausting and trying time. Right away - I knew I wanted to help and pay back their kindness. It made it even more appealing after meeting Beth. Goodness gracious- if you could pick the ideal client- it would be this lovely person right here. She is kind, generous, and so genuine. I loved her vision for the day- making sure everyone had a great time and every guest felt cared for.

Beth and Beck were living in Tampa when we first met and then eventually moved to New Jersey. We planned a few power weekends, but did most of our planning remotely. We had great phone chats that probably turned into more life catch-up talks than wedding planning - but I didn't mind! When we first started talking about the design she mentioned a "classy barbeque" - which based on her Pinterest board did not make sense. Beth is so natural, easy going, but always is so put together. We came up with the phrase - "organic elegance" - it was perfect and so perfectly described her design!

The guests came into the chapel for the ceremony - which was a tear jerker! Total side note: every wedding makes me reflect on Sam and our wedding day. Vows are so powerful and so beautiful. There are some weddings that just move me and it always makes me want to run home and give Sam a big kiss and hug - but since I can't do that - an "I love you" text is just as good. It was one of those ceremonies. Made me all gushy and giddy for my own love in my life. Anyways - after the ceremony, guests moved onto the front porch for one big group picture and then moseyed over to cocktail hour. Cocktails were in the woods with cocktail tables, benches, and market lights strung in the trees. After cocktail hour we ate dinner under the open sky on the little terrace. Rocky Top rocked it out and everyone raved about the food! Guests were then taken inside for introductions and dancing. The night ended with a sparkling exit and the bride and groom staying until the very last guest left and just sat on the porch in the rocking chairs going over their night. It was seriously the cutest thing.

The day was perfect and surprisingly hot. Luckily most of our outdoor areas were shaded! It didn't put a damper on anything and guests had a great night! What I loved most was how much they love people. You could tell that everyone there was so important to them and that they were so thrilled to just be married. They knew that the day was going to be beautiful - but more importantly, they knew it would be perfect because at the end, they would be man and wife.

Beth and Beck- I can not tell you how honored I was to be a part of your day. You two were a joy to work with!!

Please enjoy all the pictures from the very talented Sarah Joann Photography!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Sarah Joann Photography

Venue: The Parlour at Mann's Chapel

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals

Florals: Dana + Julie with Bushel + Peck Designs

Stationary (invitations, menu & escort cards): Bushel + Peck Designs

Caterer: Rocky Top Catering

Ceremony & Reception Music: Nina with All Events DJ

Dessert: Details Cake Design

Hair: Wedding Hair by Liz

Make-up: Ashley Mooney Makeup

Real Wedding: Dana + Justin at The Bradford

What a special day + special couple! I loved getting to spend over a year planning Dana and Justin's wedding - what a precious couple. The one word that comes to mind about this couple is - intentional. They are so intentional in their relationships with their family and friends and that intentionality came through in their wedding planning. Dana is a local calligrapher and is so talented - she designed their full wedding invitation suite and it was AMAZING. Justin is the kindest, most patient groom, and will no doubt make Dana such a happy lady for the rest of her life! Their event was very natural and elegant in design - and though it was a hot day, it ended up being a gorgeous night on the terrace under the market lights. Their crowd was a dancing one - and everyone seemed to enjoy the warm spring evening catching up with old friends and family. The couple ended the night with a paper lantern release to celebrate their union!

Much love and happiness to you, Dana and Justin!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Anderson Shore Photography

Venue: The Bradford

Planner: Becca with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals and Cottage Luxe

Ceremony Florals: Bower Bird Flowers

Reception Florals: Becca with Bushel + Peck Designs

Caterer: Beau Catering

Ceremony & Reception Music: Frankie Hagan with Island Sound

Videographer: Jon Warlick Media

Dessert: Details Cake Design and Whole Foods Bakery

Invitation Design: Dana Reid Calligraphy (the bride!)

Officiant: Jeffrey Sholar

Real Wedding: Alexia + John at The Bradford

Oh where to start with this one!?! I loved planning this wedding. I loved the concept, the vision, and I especially loved this bride! We always had meetings way too late and we always ended up chatting about stuff other than weddings. Alexia found us and knew right away that she wanted a package that included design. When she told me her colors were black, white, and blush I knew I was going to be gorgeous.

We went with a more preppy modern look with a touch of a garden feel. We used CE's black and white stripped napkins accented with gold chargers and the gold flatware. We used lots of candles and lush greenery with pops of flowers.

The biggest memory for me about this event was the flip. Y'all- it was insane. We moved a pergola, put down a dance floor, took away 210 chairs and added tables and seating for 210 people with full place settings. I have never been so hot/tired/so proud of my team! It was intense and one we STILL talk about this event as the epic flip.

I am so excited to finally share these pictures! This couple is so special to me for so many reasons and even more so because as of January, Alexia has joined the C&D Team! Which means you will be seeing more and more of her. She is rocking it so far and I can not wait to see the events she produces! She is meticulous, organized, and more type A than myself - if that is possible. Enjoy all the pictures from 3sixty Vision!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: 3sixty Vision

Venue: The Bradford

Planner: Dana with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals

Florals: Bushel + Peck Designs

Invitations: Bushel + Peck Designs

Caterer: Backyard Bistro

Ceremony & Reception Music: 3sixty Vision

Videographer: 3sixty Vision

Photo Booth: 3sixty Vision

Dessert: Once in a Blue Moon Bakery

Hair: Mari Chesney with Serenity Hair Salon 

Makeup: Adora Ramos with Fresh Makeup

Officiant: Pastor Mack Winston

Real Wedding: Megan + Carly at The Cookery

I was beyond thrilled to have the honor of working with Megan and Carly on their big day! Their wedding was so unique and FUN, and they were the most chill, laid back couple ever. From the very personal wedding favors (which included things such as mix CD's, Cheerwine and Legos) to the bright and cheery flowers, to the local beer growler table markers, you could just feel their personalities throughout the entire day. They were also surrounded by the most loving and supportive group of friends and family that I've seen. It was obvious that everyone there thought the world of Megan and Carly, and so did I!

Their ceremony was held at the beautiful Pilgrim United church in Durham. Their vows were sweet, funny and extremely heartfelt - exactly as they should be! From there guests traveled to The Cookery for cocktails, dinner and dancing. And oh man, there was some AWESOME dancing! One of my favorite moments of the day was in their hotel room where they were getting ready (yes, they got ready together - see, they really are the most chill people ever!). Megan couldn't figure out her bow tie, but thankfully the bellman at the hotel stepped in and was able to do it for her (after helping me deliver their bouquets, naturally). The photo that Carolyn Scott captured of this moment still makes me giggle whenever I see it!

Overall it was a gorgeous and fun day and I am so thankful that they chose me to be a part of it!

Thanks to all our awesome vendors!

Photography: Carolyn Scott with Carolyn Scott Photography

Ceremony: Pilgrim United Church of Christ

Venue: The Cookery

Planner: Leah with C&D Events

Rentals: CE Rentals and American Party Rentals

Florals: Julie & Jemissa with Bushel + Peck Designs

Caterer: Donovan's Dish

Ceremony Music: Arioso Strings

Reception Music: Damien Maass DJ & Video Service

Dessert: Details Cake Design

Hair/Make-up: Tre Bella Salon

Officiant: Mandy Micelle Norris