I love all the details behind weddings.


It is so rewarding to transform a dream into reality. Being able to relive the wedding day through pictures is priceless, below are a few of my favorites:


This wedding was really fun. The bride usually puts so much effort into knowing every detail of a wedding that it is rare to see her surprised. At this wedding all the guests filled out well wishes on a paper airplane and they surprised the bride by launching them all into the air, it was really awesome.

**Photo by Lauren Mann Photography


I loved my wedding. It was a blast to see all of the details that I spent so long planning come together so nicely, it was truly the wedding of my dreams!

**Photo by Jessica Crawford Photography

Vendor Images Chandler Jason May 10 2014-AJDP Favorites-0032.jpg

That wedding was awesome because it was really unique. I love how the bride and groom incorporated their theme and love for balloons in a really fun and classy way.

**Photo by AJ Dunlap Photography

Banner image by: Lauren Mann Photography