I am such a sentimental person.


I love looking at photos photographers send and remembering the emotions behind the picture. There are pictures I have on my desk to inspire me, motivate me, and remind me why I love what I do! I have pictures of my favorite designs, my favorite clients, and even of weddings that were super hard, but just made me feel like I was amazing at my job! These are some of my favorites:



This has to be by far my favorite end of the night picture. Not only was this the most epic exit, but it totally captures what the night was like. It was filled with fun, laughter, and so much love. I absolutely adored this couple and loved planning every second of their day. It was perfect and I walked away with renewed energy and a big smile - it was that much fun!  

**Photo by Blest Studios


This wedding. It was gorgeous! The bride loved Peonies and we made sure to incorporate them every where. This is by far my favorite design to date. It was so cheery, romantic, and truly magical. That bouquet was ah-mazing and whenever I pull out a picture, brides gasp. It was stunning. I loved this day. My team was amazing, the weather was perfect, and these clients were just the sweetest.

**Photo by KMI Photography


Oh - these two. I was genuinely sad to see these two get married because it meant I would no longer be planning their wedding! Every meeting there was laughter. Every meeting it felt like friends just grabbing a coffee. I loved that they trusted us and didn't question our advice. They were such a joy to work with. This picture is one that reminds me what a wedding is all about - the couple.

**Photo by Riley Maclean

Banner Image by AJ Dunlap Photography