Me and my family

What should you know about me? Lets' start with the usual first...I graduated from Meredith College and had the time of my life. I married my high school sweetheart 2 months after I graduated and started my career as a teacher. I taught for 4 years. I loved the kids - hated the politics. I had Ms. Ada Jane in February of 2010 and quit to stay home with her and pursue C and D full time. Mr. Henry John came almost exactly 23 months later. It's a crazy, busy, and full life!

The fun stuff: I love getting all glammed up with a gorgeous dress and awesome heels. Even though I am six feet tall, I still love to wear heels. There is something about the power of a stiletto that can change your whole mood! I love to dance, even if I look ridiculous. There is nothing that some good girl time can't cure. I love good wine and even better cheese. I am seriously addicted to anything cookies and cream - ice-cream, frozen yogurt, cookout milkshakes - my waist line does NOT appreciate it. Courtney calls me a spaz and I am. I get so worked up and excited about the simplest things, whether it be a new logo, website, or a program a bride asks me to design. I feel deeply, and love wholeheartedly. I love giving gifts and love notes. I love a good party and I love hosting them even more. I am seriously obsessed with my kid's birthday parties, I plan them 9 months in advance. Some call me crazy, I just say that I am...dedicated. I love, love, love, the planning in a wedding. Especially the design part. It allows me to be inventive, creative, and really think outside the box. I am not one that will design a cookie cutter wedding. I even hate using the exact same centerpiece ideas! I still get emotional at ceremonies even though I have now seen hundreds. My favorite moment in a wedding is when a groom sees his bride. There is something in his eyes that makes me get teary every time.  I love working with my sister - weird, I know! But no one can make me laugh as much, or enjoy pulling all nighters as much as she can. She is an awesome business partner.

C and D Events is my baby. I am so proud of our company and so grateful for all the brides that have chosen us to share in their special day!


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