My favorite thing about weddings.. to be a part of people's lives. I love being in that moment with them. It is truly an honor and such an unforgettable experience. Even though we have done hundreds of weddings, I can still remember my clients, their joy, and their excitement.



I totally didn't follow directions and couldn't pick just one picture from this day! There is so much about this wedding that I loved. The Bridesmaid flowers are my absolute favorite flower - they are always just stunning. I loved how happy Ruth was all day. She was beaming from the moment I saw her until the end of the night and who could ask for any thing better? The bottom picture is my absolute favorite picture of all time. The little girl praying just reminds me of what she represents- the innocence and faith of a child. I could look as these pictures all day!  

**Photo by Blest Studios

What you don't see is the fact that there is dancing in an intimate setting of a table set for 30 with only their closest friends and family in attendance. I love small, intimate weddings where the guests are just as important as the couple.

**Photo by PictureMade Photography

These two were my favorite couple of all time. I loved the planning process, I loved their story, and I loved how sweet he was to his bride. Hands down - my absolute favorite.

**Photo by Callie Pitts with Nancy Ray Photography