Hey! So, a little bit about myself, I am a North Carolina girl born and raised. I grew up in small town NC near the South Carolina border, a place where I like to call Middle of Nowhere. I moved up to the big city of Raleigh in 2007 to pursue life. It led me in a ton of different directions with lots of trial and errors. One amazing direction was meeting my Husband, Josh, who I have been happily married to for almost 2 years. We have three beautiful fur babies together, so if you ever need good pet cuddles please let me know! I am a family oriented person, and love spending time with my husband, parents, and my two sisters and their families.  I love to travel, whether it is to the mountains, beach, or a completely different country altogether.  Anything out door in the fall you can absolutely sign me up for. I am a lover of coffee, and you will probably see me with at least 1 in my hand at almost all times. I always enjoy helping others and having fun!

My most favorite thing about weddings, who are we kidding here, “things!” … are all the joys and special moments. Each wedding has its own amazing parts.  One of my favorites, is seeing the looks on people’s faces, especially the groom’s face light up when he sees his bride come down the aisle, the excitement for the “you may now kiss the bride,” or the guest walking into the reception are joyous moments you cannot recreate.  Helping the bride moments before she walks down the aisle; excited, anxious, happy, full of nervous emotions is added to my favorites.  Plus talking with the dad, mom or groom before the wedding starts are also favorites!  Told you that I had “favorite things”.

There is so much love to go around on your wedding day.  Being able to help spread that love around and making your dream become a reality are the absolute best.